Pricing of micro data shall be made based on the Revolving Fund Management Directorate Management Board Decision.

According to the


dated August 4, 2020;


1 - Micro data will be free of charge for institutions within the scope of the Official Statistics Program, other official institutions and organizations in Turkey, international institutions and organizations of which Turkey is a member, researchers who apply with the decision of the university senate or a letter from the rectorate.

2 - For other micro data requests, pricing procedure below is applied:

a - For Group A micro data, one hour use in Data Research Center is 20 TL for domestic requsets and 20 Euro for international requests. When there is need for user support, it costs additional 50 TL for domestic requsets and 50 Euro for international requests.

b - For Group B micro data, micro data set for every year is 100 TL for domestic requsets and 100 Euro for international requests. When micro data set is for more than one year, for every additional one year, it is priced for 100 TL for domestic requsets and 100 Euro for international requests.